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Wallins Creek, KY Mission Trip

In lieu of traveling overseas, God has led us to focus on the spirituality in our own homeland, placing our emphasis around the small, poverty stricken coal mining community of Wallins Creek, KY approximately ten miles west of Harlan in Southeast Kentucky in the Appalachians.

If interested in helping please contact us. (804) 305-8960

Ten of twelve poorest counties in the United States are located in this region. Coal is by far the leading industry for this area and coal mines are being closed at an alarming rate. Last year, two mines closed, directly affecting Wallins Creek, as well as adjacent communities with the loss of over 300 jobs.  Gospel Glory, Inc. has been reaching out to Wallins Creek and Harlan for nearly eight years, consecutively.  The needs are overwhelming for many.   

To date, we have had more than twenty volunteers from six states come alongside to minister to the precious people plus provide assistance to Christ Hands Ministry in Harlan, a homeless shelter/soup kitchen/free medical clinic run by Dr. Robert Atkins. Many hungry people are being fed and clothed through these endeavors. We will be conducting Vacation Bible School beginning July 20.  Last year during this event, we averaged feeding 70 people each evening. That number could grow significantly this year. We are planning to distribute school supplies to the children and clothes to all in need.  

In November, we have several events planned including “Bubbafest”, an outdoor event targeting unsaved men, a ladies’ conference and revival services at New Freedom Worship Center, Wallins Creek. Plans to deliver more supplies to Christ’s Hands Ministry as well.  We offer our sincere thanks to the efforts of all involved to distribute food and clothes.  Two teams have gone to the area, just last month, on a work mission to Wallins Creek, making repairs to the sanctuary of New Freedom Worship Center. They also built handicap ramps and made much needed repairs to some local homes who could not afford it otherwise. Hundreds of needs have been met.

These types of needs still abound. There is still a need for more clothing, nonperishable food items as well food needs for the upcoming events in the fall.  One great way to help is giving money. This way we can actually buy our supplies in Harlan, especially food items, helping the local economy as well the individual needs. Clothes, gently used and clean, are needed for men, women and children. The good news in all of this, since July 2013, 30 people have accepted Jesus Christ and others have renewed their commitment Him. The church is growing. Our opportunities witnessing and ministry have been greater. We need your help.

In addition to what has been mentioned, below is a list of items that we are collecting for our backpack drive and back-to-school supplies. There is a list of needs for Christ’s Hands Ministry as well. Prayerfully consider these needs.  You may even want to ask the Lord about your involvement personally, actually accompanying us for a ministry event. 

All help is sincerely appreciated. May God bless you for what you do.

Special thanks to Rodrigo for this video. Muito especial! Deus o abencoe Rodrigo. Obrigado!

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